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Westcap Marine sells only Honda Motors:

Superlative Motors You can Depend on

Outstanding quality, reliability, technology, and fuel efficiency have made Honda an automotive legend. You'll find those same strengths in every Honda outboard motor. More than 40 years after Honda introduced the first 4-stroke outboard engine in America, they are still industry leaders in engineering innovations and precision manufacturing. You can count on Honda to deliver innovative, quality features in their outboard motors.

A Track Record of Reliable Technology

Honda’s motors come with decades of experience. Many of Honda’s outboard motors are built on the same engine blocks used in Honda vehicles — like the Accord — vehicles proven over of millions of miles. Marine products built by Honda come with that same quality. You can rest assured that when you buy Honda, you have purchased a dependable motor. In addition, Honda has won the National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI award for Customer Satisfaction nine years in a row.

The Very Best Warranty

Honda outboards are backed by the only 5-year manufacturer's warranty in the Marine industry. Honda’s transferable, non-declining warranty is the best in the business.  It is not a 3rd party “extended service” contract.  The warranty is consistent throughout the five years and comes straight from Honda.  

The Honda Advantage

Honda leads the way with their 4-stroke outboard motors that surpass typical 2-stroke engines in quality. Honda outboard motors offer:

Lower Operating Cost

Honda’s 4-stroke motors are approximately 50% more fuel-efficient and add to cost efficiency by not requiring the same oil as 2-stroke motors.

Longer Engine Life 

Honda’s 4-stroke motors bathe all internal components in oil for better lubrication. This helps cool engine components and improves durability. 
4-stroke cylinders or pistons have no intake and exhaust ports and operate 
with tighter tolerances for lasting performance.

Environmental Consciousness 

Honda 4-strokes motors have super-low emissions and operate 90% cleaner than 2-stroke. Honda outboards don’t release oil into the water and exceed the highest emissions standards in the country.

Quality Operating Experience

Honda 4-stroke outboards offer a superior experience by running 50% quieter than 2-stroke engines and have less smoke and smell.

"I recall the time that my
houseboat wouldn’t start.
I was glad to know I had my
Flexboat with its dependable
and quiet Honda outboard
to get me back to the
dock for help."

                   — Mr. Graves